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This page is dedicated to pictures of club meetings, outings and members cars, memorabilia or other Corvair related pictures. It will be updated on a regular basis.

August 23 - 26 DACC Homecoming

The  annual homecoming moved this year from Plymouth to Romulus Michigan. This location was next to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and adjacent to I94 and I275 making it easy for our out of state friends to attend. We had three rooms for the registration and hospitality areas all on the first floor. Parking for the cars and vendors was plentiful as the Hotel reserved a special area for our exclusive use. On Friday the tour was to Ypsilanti and the Automotive Heritage Museum. Saturday's tour was to the GM Willow Run Assembly Plant (now closed) where most of our cars were produced. After that the group attended a automotive show and flea market near by. Friday and Saturday nights had Auctions with everyone bidding outrageous prices for precious artworks (in some eyes). One book magically reappeared at least 10 times for resell ( there must be a lot of speed readers). It even got offered to a next door high school reunion.It was later purchased by a mystery buyer and rumor has it that it might resurface next year.

The vendors were set up right next to the show cars which made it easy to carry your purchases back to the car. New this year was a Concours judging which fourteen cars choose over the traditional peoples choice judging.  Every time I saw Pete Cimbala, he was laying on a carpet next to a car. I could not tell if he was judging it or sleeping. Rain threatened all day Saturday but held off until all of the events were held. Once again a great time was had by all and we all look forward to next year.

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The following picture were taken by Sherry of Stuff by Herman. They created refrigerator magnets, name badges and personalized artwork of our cars. My camera died early Saturday morning and she volunteered to take some pictures for our web page. This is the second year they have attended our homecoming. You can see more about them in the swap and sell section.Their web page is at  and their email address is
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The following pictures were donated by Ron Mann. He also took pity on my plight and volunteered to take pictures for our enjoyment. This is why I enjoy working with classic car people. They are always willing to lend a hand when needed.
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More pictutes. My cup runnneth over. These are from Beth and Pete Inman. My thanks to everyone for helping out in my crisis.
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