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This page is dedicated to pictures of club meetings, outings and members cars, memorabilia or other Corvair related pictures. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Woodward Dream Cruise - August 18,2001

The  Seventh annual Woodward cruise was held on a off and on day. Rain threatened but held off until late at night. There were over one and a half million spectators again  and thirty five thousand classic cars cruising. The cruise went from the Detroit boarder to Pontiac for a length of seventeen miles each way. While the cruise is officially a one day event on Saturday; the fun starts the preceding Monday.Our club had the use of a Max Brock Realty office parking lot and once again had a good showing of cars and trucks. Besides having many cars in the parking lot, we had six vehicles parked in the street. Many spectators stopped to look and tell us their stories. One of the lookers had been the Plant Superintendent of the Tonawanda engine plant in the Sixties.
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Here again are some of the other sights and cars of the all day event. This is only a small part of the affair as it covers a total of seventeen miles. I have never seen more happy and polite people as those in attendance. Even stuck in traffic moving at ONE mile per hour you laughed and talked with the other cars surrounding you. You must attend to even begin to grasp the scope of the day.
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